April 3rd, 2007

Brown-eyed Stare

Mentally good, bodily ick.


Answering my phone & hearing,
"I just called to say I Love You" being sung to me, makes me smile. :-)

Now, if my cheekbones, forehead & stomach would stop threatening to secede from the Union, I'd be fine. *sigh*

(This nausea crap *should* have been done as of late last night; the coughing/asthma/sinus crap is a pain, but normal for this time of year).
Brown-eyed Stare

Praise the Lord & pass the ammunition!

I can breathe! With my nose, even! Huzzah!!

Many thanks to the sweet, wonderful (& only metaphorically crunchy) hollyking. His was the magnificent suggestion of (& invite to) Mexican for lunch. :-)

Some salsa & Cholula sauce were *just* what the doctor ordered. Not only am I breathing well again, but my cleared sinuses no longer throb w/pressure & pain. And lack of pain is a Good Thing, indeed.

*breathes & smiles*
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