May 3rd, 2007

Brown-eyed Stare

Thankful Thursday

1. Resolution of difficulties among friends.
2. having my spirituality give me *gentle* nudges (and being able to recognize them).
3. Finding good complementary learnings on the 'net.
4. Excellent Loves and Friends, both far and near.
5. Working hard, and sounding *good* because of it.
6. Eve & Gwen Stefani in my ear (remembering that I *like* to dance).
7. The orange poppies are starting to bloom again.
8. Discovering Beth Ditto.
9. Commute-mates who allow me to babble and eat breakfast.
10. Cube-mates who are as happily weird as I am.
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Don't Start

No amount of spin can change this: Women and children ARE civilians.

SHUT UP, Paul Harvey.

It's clear you're NOT taking your Alzheimer's meds; you're starting to sound like you work for the Government. And I know It's not very Buddhist of me, but I'm thinking that the silence of your grave would sound MIGHTY GOOD right now.

Oh, and ABC Network? I'm specifically NOT watching or listening to you from here on out, BECAUSE you had the boneheadedness to PLAY what Paul Harvey said. Stupid, stupid, STUPID.

On his News and Comment radio show this morning, ABC Radio Networks host Paul Harvey said “the media should put a stop” to labeling “women and children” killed in war as “civilians.” He said, “It was civilians, for goodness sake, who decapitated New York City.” Brought to me by Digg. Read more about it here, and listen to it here.

Mr. Harvey, your attempt to change the language (w/spin) will NOT make the killing of women and children (citizens/non-combatants) any less reprehensible. 

  This is NOT the "Land of the Free, and The Home of the Hypocrites" -- no matter what you or that Monkey in the White House (and his Evil Puppetteer Cheney) may want to preach.

Yes, this is another political/speech rant from me.

And yes, I did write to Paul Harvey at, to let him know what I think (not that it'll make much difference, but I spoke my piece, just the same).

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Brown-eyed Stare

Postscript on What Paul Harvey Said

This commenter from over at Think Progress made one of my points *so* much more eloquently than I did (I tend to be wordy).

So, I wanted to share it (bold emphasis = mine):

Somebody drop an aerial bomb on Paul Harvey and see how he likes it.

Actually, this very issue has been debated since they started dropping bombs from Zeppelins. Harvey assumes this isn’t up for debate. “Bomber” Harris of the RAF was villified after WW2 because of area bombing of German cities, including firestorms at Hamburg and Dresden. The bombing of Vietnam and Cambodia were widely protested as inhumane. And Repukes raised a huge stink when Clinton bombed Belgrade. Chimpy demanded an exit plan and a timetable for withdrawal from the Kosovo conflict.

Paul Harvey just wants to sugar-coat war by changing “dead women and children” to a nice euphemism like “collateral damage”.

I bet he’s a good church-going Christian too. Hypocrite. -- Comment by Tom3 — May 2, 2007 @ 4:05 pm

[*sings* "Hate your next-door neighbor, but don't forget to say grace...."]

That's ALL I'm gonna say on that....

Time for bed. It's been a long day.

G'night all.
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