May 8th, 2007


From a dark room and a dimmed screen....

Woke up this morning with a migraine. OW.

And apparently that was not enough, because I also awoke with an *entire* African chorus in my head, singing the second song from our medley (for those who are familiar, I awoke to "Khululu Mandela..." at about an 8). Sheesh. If I'm gonna have a migraine, can I at least have something I can hate, and not a song I have to perform soon? :-P

As for right now: so far, so good. My stomach finally gave in about a half hour ago, and let me eat something (yaay for instant potatoes). So, for the moment, I only have this dull roar instead of the constant stabbing in my head and face and neck. Happiness is relative.

Stayed home from work today, and will not be at choir tonight. The soonest the Dr's office could get me in is tomorrow morning, so if I still feel like crap before bed, I'l be planning on that. Otherwise, I will go to work tomorrow, and will head from there to Matt's for small group practice.

Choir note: If anyone has Amy's phone #, or will see her, please tell her I will see her tomorrow evening, or she can call me (my phone is on), and come to Redmond tonight.

And I was a Good Girl today, really I was: I did NOT go outside and kill our neighbor when he was out w/a chainsaw, sawing right near my window. I did NOT draw blood, nor did I even confront. Go me. I just huffed at the stupid pain-bringer, found my earplugs, put them in, and went to sleep on the couch in the darker downstairs room. And when I woke up, I could see again, and read stuff without crying or wanting to throw up. (As I said, happiness is relative.)

Gonna doze again for a while, and try to relax.

Careful *hugs* to all.