May 10th, 2007

Brown-eyed Stare

Thankful Thursday

1. Finding humor when I *most* need it (LMAO when I'm Very Tired).
2. Realizing that NOT getting a job may be a *good* thing.
3. Having friends/loves who 'get' that I'm gonna be a little nuts around Performance Time.
4. Finding my phone earpiece that actually works.
5. Seeing (hearing) that hard work w/small group/solos is paying off.
6. Excellent Loves and Friends, both far and near (again & still).
7. BEING ALIVE, so that I *can* be this busy, and crammed-to-the-gills.
8. 80s music on Thursday mornings, & bouncy music at work all week long.
9. Knowing that I have *planned* crash-splat time soon, for balance. (Ah... pillows!)
10. The full realization that 'it wasn't me' -- & finally knowing it in my heart as well as my head.
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