June 1st, 2007

Brown-eyed Stare


Thinking a lot lately.

Today, it's been mostly about Faith, (and cancer, and it's influence on my faith -- and what actually *is* my faith?).... and what I consider to be spirituality as a whole.  And more and more I'm running up against doubts, and questions -- many of which have no answers. What happened to loving the questions?  I've done this dance before, but in a different setting, with different characters (but the same essential struggle).  Why must I try to put this in a box?  It's not even a round peg -- it's amporphous and indescribable -- and every time I try to do it, I wind upfeeling like English (and even laughage itself) is far too feeble.  So, wht do I gotta put it in a box?  If it's mine, it's mine, and it's valid.

Why then must I feel this incessant need to 'put it in a box'?  Hmm... an interesting question in and of itself.

And I'm currently listening to Krista Tippett's podcast about Paganism, so go figure.  *wry grin*

I won't be at despacho this evening, but I do plan to be at Fire at the end of the month.  Perhaps between now and then,  I will have something regarding this to put in the fire. (Of late, I've been feeling the need to *burn* stuff.... also interesting.) 

Perhaps a re-seeing of the Joseph Campbell dvd is in order.... I took notes the first time, but with my ADD, a review is a good idea.  I know that seemed to solidify a large group of things for me.

More later.  Back to auditing.

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