June 18th, 2007

Brown-eyed Stare


Woke up late this morning, to find that I have a sore throat, scratchy eyes, sore/itchy eustacian (sp?) tubes (yes I know where they are, especially when they're aflame, like right NOW)..... and I think a bit of a fever.  I also feel a touch stiff and achey, but that's usual after the Swim.  

But the sore throat et al is an unanticipated hydra.  Ick. No. AArgh.

*petulant-whimper*  I do NOT have the time or the inclination to be sick right now.  Really.  *makes a face and pouts*

I had LOTS to do today (out as well as in), and I think my biggest foray is going to be outside to battle with the weeds for a while.  I was supposed to go out and try to replace my SocSec card today -- but I don't feel like being near other people (especially if I can spread this).  And there are no Slurpee  or Del Monte jarred grapefruit delivery services, so I shall stick out my lower lip, and pout yet again. :-P  (I do have some popsicles upstairs, so I'm not entirely bereft.)

(I get silly when I'm sick....am trying hard not to mope).

I wish I had a large thing of Orange Juice with ginger, like Jesse drinks when he gets sick -- he swears by it.  And I find it rather strange that, the one time I break down and have ice crean (the Ben & Jerry's WIllie Nelson Peach Cobbler finally got sampled last night), that the next morning, I wake up sick.  Bleh.  I'd tried Dustin's idea, and had been drinking Silk (soy milk) and have had lots fewer problems with sinuses/clogging, etc.  Cheese doesn't seem to be a problem (thank goodness), but perhaps other milk products are.  That sucks.  I don't have time to be sick this week!!

Okay, am done whining (at least for the moment).  I'm listening to 1.FM and am still downstairs in my nightgown, but will soon be dressed, and attempting to cook and eat something with LOTS of tomatoes in it (that sounds good). And then, weeds, followed by a nap.  At least I'll feel like to day wasn't a complete waste (I really hate being sick).

More later, after

*pouts a bit more, then toddles off to find clothes*
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Brown-eyed Stare

*dissolves into giggles*

Have I mentioned that I love magicmarmot's lovely sense of humor?  No?  Well, I do.

**Hugs** and much applause to him.  I nearly had a popsicle shoot out of my nose when I saw his recent pic/post.  ;-D

Note:  The pic is worksafe, but the wording/sentiment probably are NOT.
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