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September 14th, 2007 - Mental Feng Shui — LiveJournal
....revising what (& who) will fit in the room....
Late, but still good, I think. :-)

1. My life, and (relative) health.
2. My friends and loves (both far and near) -- in all forms of each word. :-)
3. A wonderful Ayu of amazing women
4. A job that I like (even when I'm stressed), where I can give something back, with people who are as goofy as I am.
5. The ability to fend off a migraine earlier (am hoping ist stays away)
6. A nephew who burbles at me over the phone.
7. Pockets of slowness throughout my day.
8. Good wishes from someone (even though they're far away)
9. Remembering history, and being glad for it.
10. My uncanny ability to nap just about anywhere.

The State of the Cranium is: : thankful thankful

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When they put my innards back (during surgery) I wish they'd've installed a few stays. *sigh*
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