September 17th, 2007

Brown-eyed Stare

Today's Daily Om (and a wee bit more)

Today's OM is dedidated to Someone who has a birthday today.... hope it's a good one, with much joy and laughter, relaxation, and love.

Oh, and someone here at work made me cry today.... they were curt (pretty much rude) to someone I later helped. Turns out the patient they were borderline-rude to is in a lot of pain, and going through chemo, for inoperable lymphoma. Wicked-ass stuff, lymphoma. What this patient's doing is like shouting into a storm, to get it to stop -- but she's still brave enough to try it. I boggled at the thought: how could someone *not* have compassion for a patient like that, even if they *were* a little hard to understand on the phone, and slow. Thinking that one of my compatriots here was rude to her, made me cry.

Guess I'm still just a big ol' softie.

Here's that OM:

Underneath The Noise: Hearing The Whisper

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