October 12th, 2007

Fortitude in Snow

Hear Ye!! Hear Ye!! (Weekend Blessing)

Since that befuddled Mercury is in retrograde again (and can't we all just *feel* the prickle...?), I'm of a mind to declare a blessing through my LJ (and thus, through all others that touch it, if so desired).


Be ye, then, therefore BLESSED by this Special Magical-Deb 'No-More-Stress-Only-FUN' Blessing, good for the rest of the weekend (until 12:01am Monday)!!

*waves hands in air, humming a GC tune, and smiling wickedly*

SO BE IT!! If you choose, please partake of this blessing by taking your stress well in hand, and TICKLING IT!!! Or DANCING it away!!! Or....tossing it in the water, for a swim (with the happy swimming dog)!!! Or whatever works best for you. :-)

A BIG Thank-you to everyone who offered helpful comments and support earlier -- I know I don't core-dump emotions like that often (even though that may well be what is happening in my head, I don't put it in my journal like that, 'as-it-happens' -- all that often, anymore). Most often, I can work things like that out, by writing, or thinking things through.... so please know it was more of a 'stream-of-consciousness' thing, rather than a "Meep! I'm Going Under!"

Nevertheless, I do appreciate the support -- THANK YOU!!! :-) **hugs**

ANd now, I'm off to go game, and prepare for some SERIOUS FUN this weekend.
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