November 9th, 2007

Brown-eyed Stare

Shut up! You'll be stone dead in a moment!

Or maybe not... but I'm starting to feel like it. Again.

I did manage to get to the dr. yesterday (and I have about 6 scripts that need filling). But the farkup with my paycheck today was definitely NOT not the funnest thing that could happen. BTW, a question for the general brain trust: just how 'post' is post-nasal drip???? And what is it 'post' from....? It feels neverending, and 'post' implies an end. Riddle me that? Hrm???

And I'm really starting to feel like a truck ran me over, with the tired, and the achey, scratchey eyeballs, et al.

So, again with the 'going home early' stuff. Bleargh. I hope I can get home before the sleepies set in.

**Hugs** to all, and I'll write again when I'm coherent.