November 21st, 2007

Brown-eyed Stare

It's better to know....

I have Strep... not the bold-n-brash, dangerous "A' type... but the indidious (stealthly) G type. The dr. just called me at my desk, and she thinks it came on rather quickly, while my immune system was compromised during a bad allergy attack the other night. BLEAH.

But, at least it's good to know. Am heading home soon, stopping long enough at the pharmacy to fill my script for antibiotics for this. And then, I'm heading back to bed.

FINALLY, perhaps I will start to really feel better, and not lapse back into feeling icky again.

To those of you who I may have kissed recently, please be aware of your own health, and if you get sick, let the dr. know you'd kissed me (& that I was diagnosed with Strep G). Even though Dr. H said she thinks this came on suddenly, I don't want to take chances; so, I'm swabbing down my desk w/ antibarcterial stuff before I go, and am gonna do the same in the kitchen & bathroom when I get home.

To those of you who may *want* kisses from me: *Grins* Well, you'll just have to wait until I get better. I should have plenty of kisses stored up by then. ;-)

**Hugs** to all!!!

*goes off to find a popsicle and her coat, for the ride home*