November 29th, 2007


Still time... (Thankful Thursday)

1. Friends, loves and family (blood and chosen) -- far and near.
2. Love, in all its myriad forms (see above).
3. Conversations with dear ones too far away.
4. A several-month-old's burbling voice on the phone.
5. A surfeit of what I've famined in, before.
6. Knowing that I can get there, if I am patient.
7. Making plans for 'me-time' in water, and out.
8. Being able to *sing* again (even if only in lower register)!!
9. Knowing that, even though a dear one is old, she is pulling through with flying colors (yaay cancer survivors!!).
10. Being able to turn some uncomfortable resentments on their head, by trying HARD to (first) understand (while acknowledging my own worth at the same time).
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