December 4th, 2007

Brown-eyed Stare

Time for sleep

Safely ensconced @ J&J's house, w/another invite having been graciously extended, as well.

My room & the bathroom took the brunt of the water, and I still have another 8-10 loads of laundry to do tomorrow (J&J helped w/3 here). With any luck, the carpet won't have to be torn up, and D. can figure out *where* the water's getting in, and easily fix it. (Thank goodness the electronics, TV & my laptop were ok.)

I only lost 2 pr of shoes, an mp3 cell phone, a double handful of books, mostly paperbacks (some of which were borrowed & must be replaced) , some personal care items, and a lot of paper I don't need. Oh, and my M's & Zen Sleek Photo are still unaccounted-for (here's hoping).

It coulda been a lot worse, I know... But this was SO NOT how I'd planned to spend the evening.

*sigh* Sleep now.