January 10th, 2008

Brown-eyed Stare

Exhausted & sick, but cautiously happy.

WOW. We got the house!!! That's a definite yaaay!!

And now we must move..... um... THIS WEEKEND?

Now? While I'm in the middle of a nasty bug, trying hard not to cough out an eyeball, or blow a blood vessel (and still working despite running a temp, because I NEED the $$)?

Now?? 2 Days before we sign/get keys, do I learn we gotta move? Um, wow. Universe, you sure do have a crappy scheduling system, even if I am getting what I really, really want.

So....to all of you Seattlites who can assist: PLEASE COME AND HELP US MOVE!!!

(Pretty please?)  ;-)

This Saturday, from approx. 10-5 (from Woodinville to SeaTac), Lisa will move most of her stuff (she has some larger furniture and a tighter time deadline than I do);

and **REVISION**: next SUNDAY, from approx. 10-5, from Redmond to SeaTac, we will gather up the Deb Stuff and move it. (Most of my stuff is boxes in J&J's garage). 

Beverages and food (either pizza, chili, or tacos) will be fed to the hard-working movers, so come HUNGRY!

And don't forget: youll get to come and be the FRIST ONES to see OUR NEW HOME!!     (*WE are very excited and happy about this!!*
Brown-eyed Stare

FIMA. In action?


The FIMA dude called me earlier.  He wants to see me, at the damaged place of domicile (casa de Dustin) on Saturday.

I filed on the website LAST NIGHT.


Color me impressed.  Maybe I will get some help for what I lost in the flood, after all.