January 24th, 2008

Brown-eyed Stare

Thankful Thursday

Things for which I am thankful:

1) Rob is awake after anesthesia and an operation, and he's UP and MOVING!! (And the plumbing is working, too!!) Huzzah huzzah!!!

2) The TheraFlu worked enough earlier that I didn't cough myself out of the midafternoon compliance meeting. Go me.

3) I get *paid* for Saturday's work!!! And perhaps even an incentive afterward!! Woot!

4) Perhaps I will be able to unpack some more this evening, so I feel less like a boarder in someone else's house, and more like a roommie who actually pays half the rent.

5) We get CABLE on Saturday!!

6) We get INTERNET on Saturday!!

7) We get a washer/dryer on Saturday!!

8) We got an excellent deal on the cable/internet thingie, and '12 months same as cash' on the w/d

9) I get to go home now and take Tyelnol #3!! (Goodbye headache!)

10) I have LOTS of other things to be grateful for, like friends and loves, and the pretty pink of the Olympic Mountains as the sun rose this morning.

11) STILL no cancer. Woot on that.