March 14th, 2008


Am not dead yet.

Am not.


Nope. Even though last Friday I spent a) on the floor next to my desk, in my office, b) in an ambulance, c) at the ER (Swedish, nice place), and d) at home, under House Arres... err, the watchful eye of my sweet roommate. :-)

Yes, I have (had?) an Inner Ear infection, along with the regular Ear Infection, that apparently I never really got rid of. So Friday, when I got up at work and tried to walk over to talk w/ someone, I wound up on the floor (um, who switched off the gravity??). And when I tried to get up, the world felt like it had a perpetual 17 degree tilt to the left. And oh my! did the vertigo come back! (Thank gods I didn't barf all over the cute ambulance driver and attendant. *sigh of relief*).

I think I might wind up with the nickname of Calamity Jane -- or She Who Is Perpetually Wounded, Injured or Sick (SWIPWIS). :-P Since I caught that Ick in late September of last year, I haven't felt quite right ever since. And now I'm hearing about others who've have met a similar fate. Blecch. And of course, with the inner ear thing clearing up, my Lovely Cough has come back. Sigh. Grrr....

This week has been spent trying to catch up from what I missed LAST week, and the week before that. Oh, and watching Torchwood (wtf is up with the plot???), and continuing to unpack my house. As well as sleep.

Nevertheless, am glad I feel well enough tonight to go and Game. :-)

More later. **Hugs** to all.