April 12th, 2008

Brown-eyed Stare

Thank you, Rob Breszny, for that brick to my head

My brain hurts. I have a crick in my neck, and I'm cranky. The left side of my face is full of goo, and my phone appears to be broke. AGAIN. And the ATM wouldn't let me get enough cash out, so I can't go get the cool laptop I found (the one that meets the specs for WoW so I can *finally* learn to game w/my friends. Bleah, bleah and BLEAH. Uber-bleah! *makes a face*

I'm, trying desperately to hold on to that internal bubble of happiness that I so cherish. But it's a slippery little bugger today, it is. And I know that the more I whine, the more I'll suffer, but I hear an inner whimper anyway.

So, I wandered over to Freewill astrology, and Rob, bless his fuzzy soul, had the following to say (to me -- and yes, I know it's a tad bit on the flake side, but it's what I *needed*):

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