May 29th, 2008

Brown-eyed Stare

What's in a name...?


I'm gonna invent a whole 'nuther Alter Ego... like I'd write a D&D character.

Her name is Beth/Steph/Bev/Teb (or someothersuch). She's got a monotone voice, and does not get upset by anything.

However, she could do so because NO ONE could ever find her (BECAUSE SHE DOESN'T BLOODY WELL EXIST!!!)

Sheesh. I mean, really... is "Deb" that odd of a name that people constantly mis-hear it????


This week has been the Attack of the Stupid, Grumpy and Unpleasantly Weird -- I should have expected this level of name-mangling.
Athena Polomarcos

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

1. Resolution of a sticky issue in a minimally-adversarial manner (standing up for myself & roommie without being a screaming meemie about it).
2. Good friends who help out in a bind.
3. Friends and loves, both near and far.
4. Feeling less sensitive (even though the tooth is still a bit achy).
5. A Teacher who encourages us in self-care.
6. Listening to my body, and watching it respond with greater health.
7. Being reminded of my myriad ways of coping (and knowing I'm not limited to 1).
8. Slightly-seared bovine flesh (and the fact that we can make it at home)
9. Getting excellent info/lead on a possible new job.
10. It's almost FRIDAY!!!