May 30th, 2008

Fortitude in Snow

A request to the Universe

Dear 'verse,

Can I please not get any more 'patient w/newly-discovered inoperable cancer' calls today?  After 3, I'm starting to feel VERY tired... (very grateful for my own life, but very, very tired).

Thank you.

Love, Me

Fortitude in Snow

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  • 08:11 @dreamingcrow: Lucky girl; have fun! :-) I'm on the bus w/a 4yr old & his mom who're going to the zoo. *sigh of envy* #
  • 11:59 @solcita Not sure if it'd work, but if you want to borrow, I have a Treo 600 w/ charger (that I don't have the data plan for) - for TMOBILE #
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