July 5th, 2008

Brown-eyed Stare

*keeps fingers crossed*

I may (possibly) have more geekery tomorrow... was supposed to have it today, but the other person had their car 'borrowed' (by their mother, so they can actually beg off).

But, keep yer fingers crossed, Dear Readers.... for I may just have said geekery by tomorrow (nigh game-time).

**crosses fingers, toes, and whatever else she can find**
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Brown-eyed Stare

Question-y Poll (Ganked from Doug-across-the-pond): ASK ME 3'

Okay, so I saw this, and liked it, and I'm gonna do it here. :-)

Poll #1218385 ASK ME 3

Do I wanna play this little game?

Yes! I'll ask you 3 questions, Deb!
Maybe... if I feel like it. Later.
Nah, it's a dumb game, Deb. But I like these radio buttons, though.
Purple bats.
Blue diamonds.

What is your first question?

What is your second question?

And finally, what is your third question?