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Mental Feng Shui
....revising what (& who) will fit in the room....
02:29 pm: Not That Innocent (meme) - 2 Tracks
05:28 pm: ((no subject)) - 1 Track
11:40 am: Oh, my.
02:56 pm: Can it be Friday now? (Observations and meme)
03:41 pm: The Omnivore's 100 (meme) - 2 Tracks
11:57 am: Summer of '08 Meme
01:28 pm: Okay, I'll bite (meme)
02:00 pm: S.O.T.D.
04:29 pm: Some memes are frighteningly right
04:43 pm: And again (meme): The Courtless (or, 'a Pincushion Girl... with stars upon thars')
10:51 pm: Has anyone seen LisaKit this evening?? - 2 Tracks
08:35 pm: Okay, here it is.... (meme)
05:35 pm: Thankful Thursday
06:01 pm: The SO Meme
05:54 pm: Because it is Friday.... (meme)