August 25th, 2008

Brown-eyed Stare

Has anyone seen LisaKit this evening??

Hey Seattlites,

I know I may be a worrywart here, but I'm a tad bit concerned.

My roommie has not called or shown up yet, and I'm near going to bed. And there's no answser on her phone.

If any of you out there in LJ-Land have seen or heard from her, please ask her to call me. I left her a message, but it seems that her phone is off.

Please and thank you,

Love, Deb


The LisaKit came home, safe and sound. As described below, she was most well taken care of -- and I was, indeed, a worrywart. But my roomie is home, safe and sound. And well-snuggled. This is GOOD.

G'night, all.
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