October 25th, 2008

Brown-eyed Stare


I was a bit crunchier (and far more stoned) when I was younger. And I do bathe. REALLY. But the Jerry Garcia icon below, *is* kinda cool, yes? ;-)

I am 76% Hippie.
Totally Stoned Stinky Hippie!
The man may have me down, but I am not out, man. I put up the good fight, and stink to high heaven. I should put down the blotter, and take a bath, man. And back away from the patchoulli.
Brown-eyed Stare

PS: Laptop is broke (again)

Elzbieta (my laptop) is sick. We were working with it hibernating, instead of turning it off -- we'd narrowed the problem down to either the battery or the on/off switch.

And... well.... recently she got accidentally shut off. And now she won't turn back on. So for a while I will not bet 'Net communicative.' If you need to get a hold of me, please msg me, or call. If you leave a note here, I may not see it for a while.

**Hugs** to all.