January 20th, 2009


News Flash: Phones *do not* swim.

Um, hi.  *gives her best doofus look*

I dropped my phone in water earlier today, and found out rather quickly that phones do NOT swim. Nor do they power on well after a dip in the wet.  Now it's dry again, but my poor phone powers on, then off, repeatedly when I put its battery in. 


I would hope that I have a working substitute at home (from my myriad of phones, dontchaknow).... but I think I gave the last fuctional one to Jim for his Oregon pay-as-you-go number. Blargh.

I am looking for another one (and wish I could get the same one - Nokia 6133 --, as I already have all the nifty covers, stereo headphones, memory chips and computer cables for it).... but I think I may be SOL.

If someone needs to contact me, they can do so via email here (it ports over to my gmail account).  But SMS msgs, AOL Mobile, and calling are all KAPUT for the time being. If you need to reach me during the day, you can call me at work (has VM so it's okay) at: two oh six, five two oh, two oh two four. I'm usually here 8-5 (today is 8-6 - somebody please tell lisakit as her phone # was one of the things that my phone took with it when it died).

*sigh*  Maybe I need to look at this: I feel less than human without my cell phone.  I could get Google, Ebay and LJ on it, read e-books and listen to the radio (as well as my mp3s), and even watch a few videos.  Now.... I will have to forgo the entertaimnent on the bus ride home.  And I am Twitter-less.  Double-blargh.

If only I could *read* on the bus without getting motion-sick.  :-P

PS: Today has been an incredibly good day, aside from this one technical glitch.  The Inauguration was GREAT, and I am rather happy about it.  But still bummed about my poor little phone. :-P  It was like a third arm to me (or a second brain).
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