January 21st, 2009

Brown-eyed Stare

January Is National Cervical Cancer Awareness & Screening Month

(Yes, I'm late, but it's still important).

Tell one woman/girl about Cervical Cancer early detection and treatment.

As a Cervical Cancer survivor, I can't stress enough how important early detection and treatment are, as well as the new possibilities that come from the HPV shot. Jade Goody is in treatment from it (below L), and so is Katie (below R). Both didn't find out until the cancer had metastaziced and spread. I am one of the lucky ones who benefitted from early treatment (they caught mine in time for a radical hysterectomy to get it, and so far, there are no signs of reoccurence).

Ajde Goody, from the UK's Big Brother show Katie Brickell

So please, PLEASE, if you do nothing else, just tell one woman or girl about the risks of HPV and cervical cancer, and the importance of getting regular PAPs. Tell one. If each person who reads this tells one woman or girl about it, we can save so many more lives. Knowledge is power; let's use it!!!


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