April 2nd, 2009

Brown-eyed Stare

Thankful Thursday

Today, I am thankful for:

1. Ooey Gooey earlier.
2. The spare 3300 for when things go wrong w/ my phone.
3. Our DVR (and indulging my David Boreanaz fet *fans self*).
4. A good friend who leaves encouragement (and animals) on my VM.
5. The docking station for my laptop (Not everything is broken!! Huzzah!!)
6. Learning to *know* that it's okay to go slow.
7. My sweet fuzzybutt Ian The Kitty, and his attempts to 'purr everthing sick out of me.'
8. Encouragement when members of my bio-family manufacture conflict.
9. Knowning that I can do this, even alone.
10. Chosen family and friends, both near and far.
11. Singing an 80s tune, and having a cube-mate echo the next verse. ;-)
12. New spiritual connections that draw me back to my own history.
13. Finally feeling good enough w/my ankle to start lower body exercises!!
14. Feeding the elephant's child online (OMGWTFBBQ!! Anatomy lectures for free!! And so much more? *brain drools*).
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