September 8th, 2009

Brown-eyed Stare

What's up in Seatac? Firectucks and HAZMAT at the Motel 6?

(Crossposted to Seattle)
A friend just called me and let me know there's about 9 firetrucks and several HAZMAT vehicles near the Motel 6 in Seatac (near I-5). Meth lab? They've started blocking off streets, and from what he saw, there were a LOT of people taken to the other Motel 6 (carted off in Motel 6 vans).

Any ideas?

Edited:  J. just called back - apparently the reporter who parked at our house told him it was a meth lab, and that 2 people are confirmed dead.  And the HAZMAT people look like they've set up camp, and intend to stay a while.

Oh goody.  Now I have to worry about my kitty wandering around a meth-lab-infected neighborhood...  *sigh*

Also: Next time I feel like actually posting something in >Seattle< -- would someone please kick me? Thx.
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