February 6th, 2010

Brown-eyed Stare

Loba's Tweets

  • 13:53 At new home, post old-home walkthru -- and we'll see if there are extraneous charges for the carpet stain, hole in door, and other items. #
  • 13:54 As for now, I am BEAT. Still not entirely well, so today is for resting, reading and kitty-snuggling. Off to find some broth for lunch. #
  • 07:00 CCR is strangely comforting @7am on a Saturday. #
  • 07:09 Boys are weird. Cute, but weird. #
  • 07:17 PS: This morning's sunrise over the Cascades is amazing: purple and pink, peach and tangerine and blood orange. #
  • 07:21 'And she looked at me w/her big brown eyes, and said, "You ain't seen nothin' yet." ' :-) #
  • 07:22 (I would say 'men' but some still seem to be trying to put dead worms in my hair, metaphoricaly speaking.) #
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