April 27th, 2010

Brown-eyed Stare

Loba's Tweets

  • 09:22 A Parliament of bats: Bats zip to and fro above. Their cries sound almost like speech. fallenlondon.com/c/60611 #
  • 13:40 Souls are traded to Hell for brass, hydrogen, devilbone, earthly delights, rare coins and other things... fallenlondon.com/c/60786 #
  • 17:52 Consumer Reports Electronics Blog: Police confiscate PC and other gear from Gizmodo iPhone blogger: bit.ly/dzAZkQ via @addthis #
  • 17:52 @HollyQueen Where is Olympic Pizza?? (And can I get home from there?) #
  • 17:54 @HollyQueen (PS: That was not a dumb question, btw. Googles says Roosevelt's closed on Mondays -- so am I looking for another location?) #
  • 17:56 (PPS: Am still at my desk, at work. leaving soon, either for pizza, or to go home.) #
  • 18:02 (PPPS: Okay, I am a bonehead. Leaving soon for tasty pizza and good company.) #
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