October 19th, 2010

Brown-eyed Stare


Office is mostly packed.  Tomorrow: Answering the ringy-dingy-thingy for 1/2 day, then I (finally!) get to find out about the benefits I am s'posed to have. (Um. right. BOHICA.). Am not amused with how things have transpired thus far, but we shall see how they go.

On the upside, I found a good home for another of my electronic toys-that-needs-a-home. :-) Hey -- I could get pretty good at this "releaseing" thing... just you watch. :-D

Protein and Emergen-C consumed.  Going home nao.   Kittysnuggles then flop.

Oh, yeah:  Tomorrow: Workout, then Birthday Crepes!  Yaay!

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