August 28th, 2018


What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been....

*waves*  Yes, it's really me.  I am back, at least for a while.  :-)

So, I've been writing a bit over at Four Dot Ellipsis (if you want the url, let me know), but other than that, not much.  When I started this journal, just over 18 years ago, I never thought I would be where I am now, doing what I am doing now, and living the life I am living now.  I do know my self a bit better, and the grey in my hair has gotten more dense (and the color a bit more sparse), but I am still me.

What am I doing now?  Well, I teach at 'Better Living Through" — so to speak.  And I really, REALLY LOVE what I do.  It's hard some days, and I definitely bit off more than I could chew at the very beginning, but I think things are going pretty well, and I like where my life is going. Not sure who I'm quoting in saying this, but I have the high privilege and honor of working long, hard hours at something I truly love. :-) I am proud of the work I do, and of how well my students are doing (regulars as well as those I tutor).  I take pride in the fact that, of the students that have completed the program, including internship and national test, each one has passed the national test, and each has also been offered a position during internship.  As my Dad would say, "Not too shabby."  :-)

I do miss my Dad a lot lately.... especially when I want to compare notes on how to teach adults (as, just after his Masters degree, Dad taught classes at a local community college).  Sometimes I so want to call him and speak Polish, and hear him respond back — only to remember that he's gone.  That's when the ache is deep, and I find myself hashing over regrets of not going and taking care of him sooner.  But he hid the worst parts of his illness well, and even my sister (who spent a good deal of time helping him out) did not foresee the ending until just before I arrived (and he died 2 days later).  It's been just over 3 years, and I still cry. 

We grieve, and we live (as best we can).  And life moves on.

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