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Busy Tuesday


Get up, find black suit skirt and hose. Find blouse, and shoes and get dressed.

Re-check bus schedule, re-check that music and laptop are in backpack. Pack a few SouthBeach bars (decent amount of protein and some fiber, and they don't taste like dogfood).

Finish dressing/grooming, and head out the door.

Catch the bus around 11am (for a 1:30 interview). Spend several hours on the bus (apparently Metro's Trip Planner thinks the best way to Bellevue from Redmond is via Kirkland and a 45 minute layover there. *sigh*)

Change busses in Redmond, Kirkland and Bellevue. Arrive 20 minutes before interview. Dry self off (it started raining), and re-apply lipstick. Attempt to straighten out unruly hair.

Interview. Apparently, the agency person didn't tell them I am not a licensed insurance agent, so I don't qualify for the immediate position, but the interviewer says she wants to consider me for the class starting in mid-April (Mid-April??? and what do I do until then? Sit on my thumbs...?). I say ok, then head to HR to take a personality/logic test. Um, ok.

Message the sweet hollyking, and head over to have lunch with him (next building over). Discuss the Hobbit and programming, as well as other stuff. Have great lunch (w/excellent company!!), then head back out into the rain. Refuse to melt.

Catch a quick bus back to Bellevue, then a short wait for another bus to Seattle. Spend time here (at the downtown Library), catching up on email, sending off resumes, and contacting my agency for after-interview chat. Learn that the interviewer is trying to drum up some work for me there, until the class starts in April. Am pleased with this, as well as an interview scheduled for Thursday morning in downtown Seattle.

After library: Head towards Denny Park to sing with my co-conspirators. Will probably show up early, so I can go over music that I missed by being sick for Sectionals. :-P And need to plan times/logistics for travel on Friday.

More later. Must go grab a bus, and head to choir.

**Hugs** to all.
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