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"Try to catch the deluge in a paper cup..."


Serendipity, time and the radio were all sweet on me tonight, and I'm rather grateful.

First, I got dropped off from choir right downtown, where I catch the bus to Redmond. And even though I didn't have quite enough for the ride (I still have to pay on STS even though I have a bus pass) -- the bus driver said I can bring him the extra 7c another time. :-)

As soon as I got on the bus, I heard the LOUD thunderclap, and thought I saw the lightning flash (but wasn't sure). It sounded like the thunder was about a block away, and yes, it was that loud: I remember electrical storms from MI. Too cool; I miss them. We get enough of the wet stuff here that I really don't miss that, at all. :-)

When I sat down, I messaged one of my sweeties, and he didn't seem to be up. So, I called my other sweetie, and checked in with him before he went to bed. Then I got treated to some Bob Marley (No Woman No Cry), and a few other choice tunes (a la KJR). They made me smile, and I wanted to sing along; it made for a quick ride across the water.

Then, when I got to Redmond, I tried to find the other stop for my next bus. When I didn't see one, I started up the hill (the next stop was about 2 blocks uphill from where I was). I walked slow, but steady. Within 3 minutes of getting to the stop, I saw the bus turn the corner, and start up the hill. :-) I caught the bus, and got home just before 10:30 (which is terrific for here). And here I am, in bed before midnight.

Yaay for the Universe, for serendipity, and for me, for being such a lucky girl.

Am grateful. :-) More tomorrow. 'night, all! **hugs**
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