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A Little About My Cough (or: I am NOT Typhoid Mary) - Mental Feng Shui — LiveJournal
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A Little About My Cough (or: I am NOT Typhoid Mary)
Hello, world.

I have asthma and seasonal allergies. I am not dying (at least not yet), nor am I bearing some awful contaigion. I do not need to be a) monitored, b) fired for coughing, c) fed tea and chicken soup all day (although I do like the tea), and/or d) looked at strangely. I have lungs, just like you do. I also have allergies, same as many of you do. But because I have both asthma and allergies, my triggers may be a bit more sensitive than yours.

Please be aware of this when you spray COPIOUS AMOUNTS of fake-smelling air fresheners in a poorly-ventilated office bathroom. Despite appearances, I *do* like breathing, and wish to continue enjoying this little daily pleasure for a long, long time.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Additionally, here's a bit more information for you on asthma, so that you can understand that I HAVE NOT COME TO INFECT YOUR OFFICE, OR YOUR LIFE:

The symptoms you may feel during an asthma attack are due to the inflammation of the lungs and airways. This inflammation causes the simple act of breathing to become painful. Not only do the airways become tighter and narrower, the walls of those airways release extra mucus, adding additional barriers to breathing. This mucus also causes your body to cough, a mechanism used by the body to expel the mucus rapidly. Currently, there is no explanation of why asthma occurs or what triggers your lungs to be so sensitive.

There are many irritants that can trigger an asthmatic reaction. These are the most common:

Airborne Allergens (pollen, mold, animal dander, and dust)
Viral infections of the respiratory system
Tobacco smoke
Strong odors (paint, house cleaners, etc)
Exercise (Note: asthmatic people can and should exercise, with care, when they are feeling well. Ask your doctor about exercise and asthma).
Drug sensitivity (for example, to aspirin)
Stress and emotional anxiety

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