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Once more, with feeling: - Mental Feng Shui
....revising what (& who) will fit in the room....
Once more, with feeling:
The paperwork is in, and all forms have been filled out. All possible appendages have been crossed, and much jiggling/bouncing/waving of other appendages (for luck, dontchaknow) has been requested. And we should find out sometime Thursday or Friday.

It is a house. A HOUSE. 3 Bedrooms. Brick. With a stone fireplace.Cute as a button. On a few major buslines, and Just Off a Lake. A LAKE, people!!!! ONE THAT I CAN SWIM IN!!! :-) *does the happy dance*

I am almost afraid to hope, but part of me says to "Stop it -- it's gone and it's in the Universe's hands now. Leaved it alone."

So, I am trying to not buzz around like a hummingbird, all hopeful, semi-angsty and geeked (yes, all at the same time).

This year has been one of more swings (comfort and tumult, fear and love, frustration and tiny moments of sweet satisfaction) than I'd care to mention. I will do a recap soon... I ahve LAUNDRY to do for New Years (after a quick run by Nerdvana to kiss SOMEONE for New Years (even if it's myself, damnit!!) :-D It's been a hard but good Recovery Year; one of NO CANCER. Whatever else happens, that little postcard in my mailbox every so often from Dr. Tamimi (Screen = negative; pap = NORMAL) is worth it ALL.

Later, my lovelies. Fishy-fishy for dinner, then NERDVANA. And then to the Icicle Palace for blessed sleep.

Happy New Year, one and all. And ***HUGS*** to everyone.
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