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*gigglesnort* - Mental Feng Shui
....revising what (& who) will fit in the room....
Oh MY. **blushes and smiles**

In 2008, Loba resolves to...
Go out learning three times a week.
Cut down to ten dogs a day.
Be nicer to 3point3.
Give up emotions.
Take magicmarmot kissing.
Give some barenaked ladies to charity.
Swear off tickling jw1775.
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In 2008, loba resolves to...
Be nicer to solcita.
Volunteer to spend mentor time with goddesses.
Backup my wisdom regularly.
Spend less time on frosting.
Cut down to ten multi-partner relationships a day.
Get back in contact with some old metaphysics with filksinger.
Spend more time in Om-space with SeattleJo.
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The State of the Cranium is: : amused amused

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