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It ... I.... just.. can't.... *headdesk* {rant}


There are times when, talking with patients, I get to the point where I cannot even SPEAK about the level of stupidity..... all I can do is stammer, and try not to give in to the urge to bang my head on the desk.

I'm at one of those stammering moments now: Pt does not want to stay @ the ER even though he was just *taken* there by one of our MAs, and even though he has blood clots that NEED to be seen there. Pt wants to argue over ER wait time, and need to go to ER, and why his practitioner won't just prescribe drugs to 'make it go away'...... pt wants to argue about all of this, and more. With ME. Not with his practitioner, nor with the ER Desk Person -- but with ME. And he's called us from the ER (on his cell phone) to do just that.


I guess I can at least be grateful that no one in my family is *this* cantankerous about being seen at a hospital. Sheesh. I feel bad for this pt's poor family.

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