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Because Free Speach is important.... - Mental Feng Shui
....revising what (& who) will fit in the room....
Because Free Speach is important....

I got there by heading over to www.wikileaks.de (the German site). It's a site that is dedicated to giving space to whistleblowers around the globe. The story that got the injunction (from a SF judge who forced the site to give up their US domain name) is centered around this story:

In the latest round of a saga that could have come from the pen of best-selling writer John Grisham’s novel, Bank Julius Baer (BJB) has succeeded in temporarily shutting down one outlet of Wikileaks, an international online transparency group.

According to internet reports, the Swiss banking giant has tried to silence their former Cayman Islands Chief Operating Officer, Rudolf Elmer, by using a court injunction to shut down the Wikileaks website, which contains what are alleged to be highly damaging documents about the bank’s offshore activities.

The Temporary Restraining Order, issued by the California Northern District Court in San Francisco, is aimed at a Domain Name Registrar, rather than just the actual publishers of controversial material, who are based outside US legal jurisdiction.

At the centre of the dispute are several hundred documents, purportedly showing offshore tax evasion and money laundering by extremely wealthy and, in some cases, politically sensitive BJB clients from the US, Europe, China and Peru, reportedly released by a Swiss whistleblower.

Read more about it here: http://wikileaks.cx/wiki/Court_gags_Cayman_Whistleblower

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