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User Pic Meme - Mental Feng Shui
....revising what (& who) will fit in the room....
User Pic Meme

This pic is of Devi Ma -- a Hindu Goddess (and I may have the name wrong, but that was how it was listed). I liked it -- it reminds me of the various 'jobs' that we women have, regardless of who we are.

A chambered nautilus, because life is comprised of so many different compartments, yet remains a coherent whole. Like the nautilus.

Brown-eyed wolfstare. With the nickname of 'Loba,' do I really need to explain this one?



A *real* pic of me. Zoweee!

Another real pic of me (much younger, and yes, I was a REAL blonde). Implies something I find icky, like the fish. Or that my Inner Kid is coming out.

Curious cat. Not sure why I use it, other than the fact that the shot is rather expressive.


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