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Status update

 Lisa and I are heading home right now, to clean up the mess. 

We were robbed yesterday, and it's not pretty. Thieves broke in and stole electronics, cash and alcohol, as well as several prescriptions and jewelry, and some other sentimental items (as far as we can tell right now). Since my main cell phone is broken, (and the other one I had was stolen), if anyone needs to reach me, they need to call Lisa's cell phone number.

I'll post again when I can, but it may not be for a while -- we think that one of the things that was stolen was our cable modem (along with my laptop), so there will be no home connectivity for me for a while.

I'm okay, Lisa's okay, and Sugar (our cat) is spooked but okay.  We just need to clean up the mess, and all the broken glass.

More later.  **Hugs*  especially to our good friends, who have been (and are) there for us.  The support is much appreciated.

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