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Mental Feng Shui
....revising what (& who) will fit in the room....
Voice Post:
399K 1:58
“Hi guys, it's Deb with a voice post because this is the only way I'm going to be able to do things right now.
Lisa and I are home. She's resting before we do a little bit of cleanup.
Yes, we did get robbed. Yes, a lot of things are missing.
We found that the router and the modem are fine, they were hidden which is nice.
But the bastards took Lisa's keyboard so we can't get on the internet.
We're putting out an all points bulletin to anybody in the Seattle area that would just come and hang out at the house. It would be great if you could help us clean, but the moral support and just coming to hang out would be really helpful. We're here today ...
I have to go back to work tomorrow.
Lisa says let's make this a party because it's miserable enough as it is, we might as well try to have some fun.
They're going to come by tomorrow and replace the glass door and the window, we have boards over here.
So far I think we're out a keyboard, some precious glass things that Lisa had that were heirloom, and some porcelain,
my laptop and MP3 player, a cell phone, some jewelry, and the house has been turned upside down into a disaster zone.
It's worse than moving. It's feeling violated AND having to unpack,
so it really kind of sucks.
By all means, please come out and see us.

We're at 19013 46th Ave. S. in Sea-Tac, that's just off of I-5.
The main cross street is 188th Avenue.
That's about it. Hope to hear from you soon.”

Transcribed by: mokie_sassafras

MANY thanks to mokie_sassafras for transcribing this. -- Deb

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loba From: loba Date: June 24th, 2008 11:57 pm (UTC) (This Entry)
**hugs** Thanks dearie.
(Deleted comment)
loba From: loba Date: June 24th, 2008 11:58 pm (UTC) (This Entry)
**hugs** Thank you for your support.
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