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That's all for the 'Big GC Show'.... - Mental Feng Shui
....revising what (& who) will fit in the room....
That's all for the 'Big GC Show'....

Goodbye George.  

I saw you right around the time of your first heart attack (in 1987), and quite a few years later (in 2002).  
I remember listening to your comedy as I grew up; Occupation Foole and FM & AM, playin' the Dozens and 'White Harlem' and sharing a swallow.  Your endlessly creative jokes on the silliness of our language were my delight, and Parents' Cliches and Children's Secret Answers was my favorite riff, ever -- luckily, I heard it when I was still young enough to relish it fully -- at 11. I remember the Hippy Dippy Weatherman, the Fussy Eater and Toledo Window Box; Class Clown, 'The Book Club' and 'meat-cake' ... and how everyone gets a two-minute warning.  

I hope you're havin' a blast with Richard and Lenny, and are still lauging at the silliness of our world.

Of all the comedians I've heard, you are (and always were) my favorite. Your wonderful, brutal voice of honesty, and brilliant creativity, will be sorely missed. 

"When someone asks you, A penny for your thoughts, and you put your two cents in, what happens to the other penny?"   -- George Carlin

The State of the Cranium is: : sad sad

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cooncat From: cooncat Date: June 24th, 2008 12:15 am (UTC) (This Entry)

George Carlin...

...was one of my uncle's favorite comedians...and my uncle was not easily amused. Since I learned about him, any reference to George would bring up memories of my uncle's special brand of humor.

Losing George has brought the pain of losing my uncle back anew, on top of my sadness as I've come to appreciate his humor on my own terms as well.
shangchi From: shangchi Date: June 26th, 2008 02:50 am (UTC) (This Entry)
What are the seven words you're not allowed to say in heaven?
loba From: loba Date: July 1st, 2008 11:31 pm (UTC) (This Entry)
Of this I am currently unsure. But I'll let you know if/when I get there. :-)
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