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Summer of '08 Meme - Mental Feng Shui
....revising what (& who) will fit in the room....
Summer of '08 Meme
Ganked from Magic marmot. :-)

This summer....

How many people have you kissed?
Quite a few... (cloven fruit at parties). Some are rather memorable.

Have you gone to the beach?
I used to live near Lake Michigan; I grew up on a beach. But I've not been recently.

Hows your tan?
This year, it's not so good.

Gone to an amusement park?
Used to go a lot as a kid. Not recently, though.

Watched fireworks?
At a friend's house, on the Fourth.

In a relationship?
Yes, but being poly, I am open.

How many times did you eat ice cream?
Maybe 3 times. We ate lots of popsicles though.

Went to a drive-in movie?
Not this year.

Went to a fair?
Not unless you count the Highland Games Festival.

Did you go shopping?

Have your heart broken?
This summer? Not exactly, but I've had some down moments.

Go to any concerts?
Tricky Pixie.

Get trashed?
Um... I forget. :-)

Get high?
I work 11 stories above the ground; does that count?

Had the cops called on you?
Not that I know of.

Craziest thing you did?
This summer? Prolly swim nekkid with a bunch of people.

Climb on a roof to look at the stars?
Nope, but last year we did watch them in a cabin on top of Table Mountain.

Go on any walks?

Catch any lightning bugs?
I haven't seen any in the Pacific NW.

Go camping?
No camping this year.

Pitch a tent in your backyard and pretend you were camping?
Our backyard is uneven, and a bit small, so no.

Did you lose anyone important?
Earlier this year, yes. This summer, no.

Do you regret anything you've done over this summer?

Miss anyone?

Meet anyone new?
A few people. :-)

Are you going to miss this summer?
I don't think so... I'm looking forward to the Fall.
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