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S.O.T.D. - Mental Feng Shui — LiveJournal
....revising what (& who) will fit in the room....

It's been quite a while since I've sat here and rambled. So I thought today I'd give a quick SOTD (State Of The Deb).

Health: Problems with blood pressure, asthma and migraines have been a plague as of late (and the meds' side effects are not a pile of fuzzy bunnies, either). Even though it seems to not miss the uterus and one ovary, and the cut nerves are not too bad, my body does NOT like living without 9 lymph nodes; it pouts and retains lots of liquid. And it does not empty the lymph system well as a result. To help, I'm looking into getting some lymphatic drainage massage done. For now, the diuretics I've been put on are helping, but I'd prefer the massage -- losing 4 - 6 lbs. of water weight overnight plays havoc with my electrolytes (and makes me feel like I'd been run over repeatedly with a large truck). Meanwhile, I'm trying to walk more, even when I'm tired.

Because of the blood pressure stuff (caused, in large part by my drinking lots of 'energy drinks' to help control my ADD), I've had to restrict my caffiene intake, and as a result, my ADD seems to be getting worse. There are days when I'd swear I could not remember my own name if you wrote it down and stapled it to my forehead. Gah! I feel so dumb most days, and I know I'm not braindamaged. But I often feel as though I am. And the doctors will not treat my ADD until my BP is under control for 6 months. So, for the moment, I have to stay stupid. *makes a face*

Additionally, I am waiting to hear back on thyroid stuff, and perhaps that's the 'Omigawd I'm SO tired' that I've been feeling. It might also account for why, when I tried to lose weight recently, my body suddenly started gaining weight instead (retaining water). Or that could be the lymph thing; I'm still waiting to see. Oh, and I'm also supposed to go sometime soon and have my tonsils/adenoids out, and have a scope shoved up my nose. Wheefun, just drug me first. Kthxbye. I miss the flexibility and ease that my body used to have, and I want to have more energy to do stuff (instead of being drop-dead tired all the time). Here's hoping the doctors can sort this stuff out soon -- I want to get back in the pool and do laps without worrying that something else is going to go out of whack.

On other fronts, Jim is due here next weekend with my car. He's dropping a friend off in Idaho, and will stop at some wineries on the way. But, by Labor Day, he should be here, and our cat will have to get used to a Boy In The House. Jim will be loking for a winery job while he's here, and his brother has agreed to look after The Bears (his elderly parents) back home while he's out here in the NW. I think the mountains and water and cool weather will be very good for him.

Other people in my life are not doing so hot.... I have someone who is hurting physically, and another two someones who are hurting emotionally (and perhaps more than that)... and all I can really do is hug them (carefully) and tell them how much I love them, and how much they mean to me. I wish I could do more (because pain really sucks), but perhaps that will help.

School does not look so likely for this Fall... perhaps it will be next Spring (I have to take care of tonsils and teeth first). And work is... werk. Health difficulties have caused me trouble there, as well (How does one plan a migraine? Do tell!) and I'm trying not to be anxious about it. I missed going swimming in a lake so far, so I'm hoping that the heat holds out long enough for me to take a smallish trip by myself and do some contemplating.

In the upcoming months, I have a -something- to plan for my 40th birthday, another something to plan with another person, visits to make, and books to retrieve. There is the Upcoming DarkTM, and by then I will have (hopefully) put up the Grow Lite, to make it easier. And I'm contemplating asking around to see if I can celebrate Samhain with a local group of people.... to learn more about it, and mark the coming of Autumn.

More later... am still not feeling quite so chatty, and this migraine's gaining on me. And I still have *looks at watch* about 3 hours to go here at work. Bleah.

At least lunch was Chinese, and relatively tasty. And I have the ice cube trays nearly all to myself.

Happiness is relative.
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