Deb (loba) wrote,

The SO Meme

Since I've known Jim the longest, I'll do this for him.

1. The person is sitting in front of the TV; what is on the screen?
Um, hockey, or something on SPEED, or an older movie. Or perhaps an old rerun of Perry Mason or Inspector Morse. Or Rick Steves.

2. You're out to eat; what kind of dressing does s/he get on her/his salad?
Jim likes Caesar salad best, or he will have Ranch or Thousand Island.

3. What's one food s/he doesn't like?
He does not like the texture of pasta, and generally avoids spaghetti (he just has sauce on bread).

4. You go out to the bar. What does s/he order?
A glass (bottle) of wine. Or Pepsi. Or iced tea. Sometimes, he shares a cider with me.

5. Where did s/he go to high school?
The high school near his parents house (I forget the name), in Lansing, MI.

6. What size shoe does s/he wear?
Size 13.

7. If s/he was to collect anything, what would it be?
He has old SAIL magazines (although he may have donated those), a cabinet full of collected rocks that he 'inherited' from a relative, and lots of Travel books.

8. What is her/his favorite type of sandwich?
A good cheeseburger (not from a fast food chain).

9. What would this person eat every day if s/he could?
Betty Crocker Au Gratin potatoes. Or butterscotch pudding. Or Greek food.

10. What is her/his favourite cereal?
Great Grains w/ pecans.

11. What would s/he never wear?
Women's high heeled pumps (he tried them on once, at my behest, and HATED how they felt).

12. What is her/his favourite sports team?
The Red Wings, or the Spartans (our alma mater, MSU).

13. Who will s/he vote for?
Obama - the guy he's campaigning for.

14. Who is her/his best friend?
His friend "Sponge Bob" -- or me.

15. What is something you do that s/he wishes you wouldn't do?
Wait to fold the clothes until they're cold in the dryer (and already wrinkled).

16. How many states has s/he lived in?
4 or 5: Michigan, Utah, New Mexico, New Hampshire, and maybe Vermont.

17. What is her/his heritage?
Mostly Scottish, with some Welsh? and Irish thrown in. And a good dose of Viking.

18. You bake her/him a cake for her/his birthday; what kind of cake?
He'd like a cheesecake with raspberries or strawberries, or a yellow cake with chocolate frosting (I think).

19. Did s/he play sports in high school?
Yes, he played football and hockey, and rugby in college -- and was in debate.

20. What could s/he spend hours doing?
Puttering around in the work ruoom (power tools) in his parent's basement. Or cooking.
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