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Quick Monday Post from the WorkLair


Am heading home soon, but I thought I'd get a quick word or two in. More later on this weekend and today, but here's the Quick and Dirty:

* Thank goodness for Roomies Who Have Canes (tm); I never thought I'd use one, but after I twisted my leg last week, I was starting to fear that the L knee would bend sideways or backward (thus fulfilling a recent nightmare of mine that I am slowly turning into a large arthropod - Ew.) With said cane, I was able to hobble along behind Lisa, Omaha and Cindy for a *lovely* romp at PPM. Must get back there soon; lovely baubles and SILVER, and one shop HAS my perfumed oil... I smell like ME again!!! Yaay!

* Uber-yaay for the 70 minute massage for $45 (yes you read that right - Chinese massage for feet and back). I shall find out the name and post it, for verily they did pound the snot (and knots) out of me, and my feet, and I am GLAD.

* Props to the Jim for rising early and making me a scrambled egg this morning. I would have lit myself on fire, I was so sleepy. And Egg Is Good Food.

* For a Monday, it's been pretty good -- it wasn't overwhelmingly busy, I had lunch before the blood sugar crash, and no-one felt the need to either barf while on the phone with me or tell me about the quality of their poop. That makes it a (strangely enough) Good Monday.

More later -- must go find bus.

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