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Thankful Thursday

* A new (read: quieter, less likely to make me kill loud cow orkers) desk at work.
* No one has made fun of the Icky Eye (so far).
* Coming home grumpy, sore and tired to two friends who love me enough to blow off my silly growls and feed me excellent food and wine.
* Having the last piece of EXCELLENT birthday cake after said-nummy dinner.
* Tomorrow is PAYDAY.
*A really cool after-birthday birthday party, where people came and SANG to me, with a muchness of tasty cake. :-D
* A quick trip to the doctor's this morning, and not getting kicked in the teeth for it.
* Friends who are patient with me when I don't know how well I'll be for a trip.
* One good frost, and the leafmolds (and my allergies) are starting to die down a bit.
* The leaves are starting to turn! *bounce*.
* Learning to forgive myself for things.
* Rain! Dark! COLD!!
* Love of friends and family (both blood and chosen).
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