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Mental Feng Shui
....revising what (& who) will fit in the room....
I have the Icky Eye

When I woke up this morning, I found this (from my 3am coughing jag).

Jim says, "It's Blendy's mommie, with an Icky Eye."

And Lisa added, earnestly: "It's too bad that won't last until Halloween."

Word to the wise: DO NOT cough too hard. Your eyes WILL explode.

Trust me, I know. :-P

The State of the Cranium is: : tired tired

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ignusfaatus From: ignusfaatus Date: October 10th, 2008 07:03 am (UTC) (This Entry)
oh gawds. can you use those vasoconstricting eye drops?
cindygerb From: cindygerb Date: October 10th, 2008 01:57 pm (UTC) (This Entry)
You know I had to look :) Get better son, hon'
sirenscry From: sirenscry Date: October 13th, 2008 03:49 am (UTC) (This Entry)
That my friend....is AWESOME!
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