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Cindy (cindygerb) Update

Jim and I went to go see cindygerb this evening. She is still at NW hospital, but is now in the ICU (3rd floor), and we were lucky to be let in to see her.

She's had surgery, and seems to be doing ok [although I remember what being intubated felt like (albeit vaguely), and I'm VERY glad she's drugged to the gills]. She barely fluttered her eyelids when we came in and spoke to her, but she wiggled her eyebrows when I stroked her hair, and when Jim said her name (not bad for the meds she's on).

They're draining her stomach also (as a precaution for the lung tubes), and have done something about her insulin, so she should be okay in that department, too. And they are keeping a close watch on her toe, as well (am glad she has good nurses).

Depending on how she's doing tomorrow, she may or may not have her breathing/stomach tubes removed, and may be released from ICU back to a regular hospital room. We can hope.


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