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Fire Ceremony

Cross-posted to </a></b></a>lisakit.

Loba and I are doing a Fire Ceremony on Saturday, January 31st. Gather at 6pm-ish, ceremony starts at 7:30pm.

Be sure to eat before the ceremony. Normally we take care of food needs separately, but for our first ceremony we will have a small pot of spaghetti with meat sauce on the side. Feel free to bring additions, pot-luck style.

I will be doing an alternating monthly schedule like </a></b></a>runnerwolf used to do, posting to </a></b></a>ayniceremony and </a></b></a>lisakit, so end of February would be a Despacho. It will be held on the last Saturday of each month and, for now, will be at our place in Seatac, WA.

I'm also looking into area parks, though most close at dusk. Lincoln, by the West Seattle ferry dock, has a firepit, is open until 11pm and is used to regular work done by another group. I also liked the Carkeek firepit where a classmate once did a ceremony. Please comment if you have other suggestions.

Feel free to invite friends, but remember that Fire can really kick your butt, and </a></b></a>runnerwolf used to tell us that Despacho was better for a first-timer, so use your discretion.

Other ceremony description links:

Ayni Despacho
More Despacho
Fire, found by </a></b></a>mistress_gaelan.
Despacho description by Rose De Dan. The full article can be found at


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